Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the latest piece of the puzzle that is needed to stay ahead of the competitive curve. There are more available applications now than ever before, enabling you to integrate real AI into your business.

Sophisticated models use advanced mathematical algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly improve themselves with new incoming data. From intelligent underwriting to machine failure prediction, Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental piece that will help you be prepared for disruptions and opportunities alike. The possibilities with AI are endless, start experiencing the benefits today.


Fast Data Discovery

AI solutions allow efficient discovery of highly important and relevant information through fast and thorough data mining and analysis.

Accurate Insights

AI solutions have the ability to process vast quantities of data and produce accurate and robust insights, allowing you to truly garner the value in your data.

GPU Enabled

With Cloud powered GPU's, the problem of running AI algorithms is a thing of the past. No need to purchase expensive hardware to create powerful models.

Unique Solutions

Our experts will provide sophisticated models that are tailored to your unique business needs and problem scope, ensure optimal results.


Fraud Detection

Leverage AI to prevent fraudulent activity within each form of communication. Uncover fraudulent behaviour within text and structured data sources through text and numerical anomaly detection techniques. For image anomaly detection, our team of data scientists will utilize CNN and GANs. Additionally, the latest form of fraud detection is DeepFake detection, whichuncovers the manipulation and alteration of audio and video. We leverage powerful GANs to detect if a file is a manipulated DeepFake and protect your organization and clients from this advanced fraudulent behaviour.

AI-Powered Chatbots

From increasing productivity within your business to improving customer service, AI-Driven chatbots effortlessly integrate with your website or mobile app, supporting a variety of processes. Chatbots seamlessly handle both internal and external interactions, allowing for applications such as scheduling meetings and answering FAQ's.

Real-time Analytics

Get valuable insights in real-time from a wide variety of data, allowing for efficient decision-making and enhanced customer experience. Adastra's AI solutions can provide real-time analytics for a wide variety of use cases, from analyzing your supply chain's function to recognizing an individual by leveraging voice biometrics during a customer service call.

Use Case

Cognitive Intelligence and Automation

Automotive Industry

This client required the automation and digitization of as many activities as possible, within the target group​. They required a solution to automatically process car damage claims and to automate the calculation of freight delivered parts.


The first automated process was meant to process car damage claims​.

An additional cognitive intelligent application was built to determine if images of a car showed real damage or not​.

In addition to running the cognitive application, all detailed data entry was done via the automated workflow​.

The second automation workflow was aimed at calculating the cost of part delivery when packaged in pallets​.

Calculations from several source systems (excel, web, other)​.

Excel file output is created and reports are automatically generated​.


The solution was delivered in the Automation Anywhere RPA suite​.

Solution was able to automate both the claims process and the freight cost calculations​.

Augmented image recognition was able to achieve 90% accuracy in the determination of damaged cars​.

Ability to scale with increased claim processing and part deliveries​.